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The San Carlos Pickleball Association is an informal group of enthusiasts who have come together to help develop the sport in San Carlos, Mexico. The creation of this group we hope will enable us to share the game with more people by assisting beginners to get started and providing a medium for existing players to network and locate partners for play, enjoy competitions and tournaments.

Pickleball is often described as a mix of table tennis, tennis and badminton played on a mini tennis court with an over-sized paddle and ball similar to a wiffle ball. It is fast, fun, addictive and can be played by people of all ages and athletic abilities! The game can be played in either singles’ or doubles’ matches. Join us NOW. Click here to become a member of Mirador Courts, our newly constructed 6-court facility.

For new players, the basics of the sport are easy to learn. Typically, one session of three or four games is all that it takes. Click here for information on Lessons, Clinics, Assisted Play, Ladders, and much more.

Pickleball not only has the fun factor, but it has many health benefits that go along with the sport. Playing pickleball can boost your mood and overall mental health, you burn calories, and fewer injuries occur due to the low impact nature of the game. Pickleball specifically works on your balance and agility while it also offers the same benefits of other regular exercise. These include reducing your risk of heart attack and chronic disease, toning your muscles and increasing your energy.

Most of all, pickleball is a social sport where you will create friendships anywhere you play. Check out our Social events here.

It’s no wonder that pickleball has become the fastest growing sport in America! Be part of the action…explore our new website and let’s make it the fastest growing sport in Mexico too. ¡Ándale!


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